What’s the history behind the teams and how can I find out about the current team members?

Find out about how the teams came into being, about the current team members, the team schedules and more. Delivery Boys and Entourage websites.

How far in advance do I have to book a team?

When requesting a specific date it is important to contact the department roughly 4-6 weeks in advance. When you call we will need information regarding the event such as time, location, and performance specifications. To book a team or for more info, contact the Coordinator of Performing Arts Ministry Teams, Lehua Coley at lehua.coley@vanguard.edu or call 714-662-5263.

What do the teams cost?

While the quality of our teams is top notch, we do not charge a specific amount for events so that we never have to turn down ministry offers. There are, of course, expenses involved in having the teams come to your ministry and we accept any love offerings or honorariums given, but none is required.

Where do the teams minister?

The teams regularly perform at youth groups, school chapels, rallies, outreach nights, conventions, retreats, camps, and university events.

How far do the teams travel during the school year?

Since all of our members are university students and they have many hours of studying to do, we try not to send them more than a couple of hours from VU during the school year (we are located in Orange County, CA). However, if your event is farther than that but takes place on a weekend, call and we will try to work something out.

How far do the teams travel during the summer?

They travel to almost every Western state going to church camps and churches. If your group is out of state and would like to book a team, summer would be a great time of year to have them.

For more information, contact Lehua Coley at lehua.coley@vanguard.edu