Family Weekend FAQs

If you have questions not answered here, please contact

Q: I called/emailed Family Relations my RSVP for the entire weekend. Am I done?

A: To RSVP for the entire weekend, you will need to go to our registration page.

Q: Do I need a ticket for my student?

A: No ticket is needed for your student for general registration for Family Weekend. However, registration for your student may be required for any Volunteer Opportunities. Also, registration is required for the Scott Celebration Brunch with President Beals and Mrs. Beals.

Q: If I have a minor attending that would like to stay overnight with their sibling, is there an age requirement?

A:  There is not a strict age limit but we do ask that you please use your best judgement in leaving your student’s sibling with them for an overnight stay. If their sibling is not the same gender as your student, please let us know ( and we will match them with an ambassador for the evening.

Q: Is there a cost associated with Family Weekend?

A: There is no general admission charge or registration fee associated with Family Weekend. However, there is cost associated with any shows presented by Lyceum Theater, any VU sporting events and most free time activities.

Q: How do I notify you if I have a special request (additional assistance, food allergy, etc.)?

A: Please email Family Relations by September 30th to allow us sufficient time to prepare (

Q: Where do I check in?

A: Our check-in process will occur in front of Needham Chapel on both Friday and Saturday.

Q: I need a hotel for the weekend. Where should I stay?

A: Hotels in our area that provide a Vanguard rate can be found on our website.

Q: Does my student have to stay with me the entire time I am on campus?

A: No. Although our hope is that you will have great family bonding time during the weekend, we anticipate students being unavailable at times during the weekend. Please feel free to enjoy our campus when your student is unable to join you. Be our guests!