A list of terms, acronyms, and phrases that may be confusing until you get to know them.

All School Party: Beginning of the year school party where all classes (Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, Freshmen) are invited to a themed party held on campus.
Balboa (BH): A male and female residence hall for upper classmen and sister hall of Newport.
Balport: Common name for the combination of Balboa and Newport Halls.
Broomball: Ice hockey played with brooms and in regular shoes instead of skates. An event generally held in the fall.
Café: Cafeteria, also known as the Caf.
Campus Mall: The lawn between the Café and IT (VUSC letters).
Campus Public Safety: Security on campus. 714-966-6799
Catalina (CH): Primarily sophomore and transfer female residence hall by the baseball field and behind Newport and Balboa Hall.
City Serve: Annual campus local outreach event.
Comm Lab: A lab for recording and editing for Communications majors.
Cove: Student lounge area across from the Café. Main hangout for commuters.
Deck the Halls: Laguna Hall event that involves the females of Laguna who decorate their floor for a Christmas Competition.
Delta Kappa: Honor society. Students are nominated by staff and faculty and then approximately 10 students are chosen from a Delta Kappa committee. Chosen students’ names are displayed on the bricks in front of the library.
DTR: Define the relationship. Several benches around campus are known to host many of these conversations.
FAFSA: Free Application for Federal Student Aid; must be completed in order to receive financial aid. Annual national deadline: March 2.
FERPA: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act: Law protecting the privacy of student education records. More info…
Financial Aid: Department on campus that takes care of grants, loans, and financial support on campus. Each student is assigned a counselor to handle their account. Located in Scott.
Forrest Room: Located in Needham Chapel Courtyard. Named after Barbara Forrest.
Frontline: New incoming student orientation program, also known as, New Student Orientation (NSO) or Welcome Week.
Gold Pride Week: Held during homecoming week, events are geared toward school pride.
Grad Psych: Graduate Psychology program also referred as GRPS.
GYRAD: “Get your roommate a date,” floor event. Also known as Hook A Brother Up (HABU).
Harvest Party: All campus party near Halloween.
HATB: “Hands Across the Border,” Spring break mission trip to Mexico.
Heath Lawn: The Lawn outside of the Heath building.
Heath: A building that hosts classes on the first floor and hosts the Business, Religion, English, Communications departments, Global Center for Women and Justice, and the Writing Center on the second floor.  Named for the Heath family.
Homecoming: The week reserved to welcome back alums with activities for them to reconnect to each other and campus.
Huntington (HH): Male residence hall that is the brother hall to Laguna.
IT: Information Technology department that oversees the computer systems on campus.
JSB: Annual Junior/Senior banquet.
Just As You Are: A Laguna hall week long event centered around true beauty.
Kickin’ It Old School: A Laguna hall event where students battle each other in elementary school type games (dodge ball, kick ball, etc.).
Kissing Fairies: An annual tradition at least 15 years old. The 6th floor Laguna females dress up as fairies during the Harvest Party.
Laguna (LH): Primarily freshmen female residence hall that is the sister hall to Huntington.
Lobby: Although there are several, typically when someone refers to “the lobby” they mean the ground floor connecting Laguna and Huntington Halls.
Lyceum Theatre: The performing arts theatre on campus.
Meal Replacements: A variety of food options you can take from Outtakes in place of a meal on your meal plan.
Midnight Breakfast: A breakfast at midnight in the café during finals week.
Mr. VU: A second semester school event to vote for the guy who best represents Vanguard.
Music Studios: The Music Department.
NPM: Nursing Program Modular located behind the mailroom.
Natural Science Offices: Science, Math, Kinesiology Department.
Needham Chapel: Chapel named after former President Harold K. Needham.
Newport (NH): A male and female hall for upper classmen and sister hall to Balboa.
NMC: Newport Mesa Church, the main place for chapel service on campus.
NMC Dome: Small dome building next to Newport Mesa Church that is used for their youth group. As jokes people also say “the circus tent” or “the garlic clove.”
Office of Accounting Operations: Accounting for campus. Student Account Specialists handle student billing accounts. Located on the first floor of Scott.
Open House/Open Hours: Hours when members of the opposite gender can be on a floor/wing, quad, or room.
Outreach: Common name for Local and Global mission programs.
Outtakes: Coffee and snack shop located next to the Cove and Bookstore. Similar to a convenience store.
PECL: Classrooms located on the second floor of the Gym.
Pre-VU: A time when prospective students come to view the campus.
Price Room: Named after Art and Betty “Bea” Price. Located in the Café (Balport side).
PLUS Loan: A low interest federal education loan parents can take out for their students.
RA: Resident Assistant; student who oversees a floor in the residence halls.
RC: Resident Coordinator; a part-time employee with a bachelor degree that assists in overseeing a residence hall. They live in the building they oversee.
RD: Resident Director; professional staff typically with master’s degrees that oversee an entire residence hall, manage the RA staff, and live in the building they oversee.
Rez Rally: The opening ceremony for residence halls held in the fall. Huntington and Laguna dress up and make it a competition.
Science Buildings: Classrooms located next to Natural Science Offices.
Scott: A multi-purpose building used for classrooms, Admissions, Accounting Operations, Financial Aid, Counseling Services, Disability Services, Career Services, Learning Center, GSPS, Communications Lab, and Liberal Studies/Grad Education.
SFO: San Francisco Outreach mission trip during Spring Break.
SGA: Student Government Association. Students who are elected to represent the student voice to the administration. Located on the first floor of Huntington in “the Bridge.”
Smith: Building where classrooms, Administration, Alumni, Marketing, and Kinesiology lab are housed.
SOCS: Sociology building used for classes.
Sojourn: Vanguard’s yearbook.
Spirit Flag: A 10+ year tradition in Laguna Hall. The spirit flag is given at major hall events to the most spirited floor.
Synecdoche: English journal of student works that is published at the end of every year.
The Basement: Rooms below the Heath building used by mainly Music students to practice instruments.
The Bridge: SGA offices and student lounge. Also home to the yearbook office.
The Lion: A statue of the school’s mascot located in front of Scott (so we have nicknamed him Scotty). Given as a class gift in 2002.
The Pit: The Gymnasium on campus.
The Towers: A reference to Huntington and Laguna Halls.
The Voice: The school newspaper.
The VUSC Letters: A senior gift of big blue acronym Vanguard University of Southern California letters on the campus mall.
Towers Lawn: The lawn on the backside of Laguna and Huntington Halls.
VC: Vanguard Centre. Off-campus apartments that are owned and run by Vanguard.
VU Film Festival: Film festival put on by communication students in the Spring Semester.
Week of Champions: Huntington Hall’s annual competition. A 10+ year tradition. Each floor competes against each other in different sports for the championship.
Woo-fest: Huntington Hall event put on to provide a show for ladies at VUSC.