Growth through Diversity and Inclusion

The Vanguard community is made up of many different faces, personalities, and backgrounds. Each one tells a story through personal experiences, a varying perspective, and distinct experiences. Through the cultivation of both a diverse and inclusive gathering the Vanguard community encourages students to share in their God given talents and skills while fullfiling their purpose to tell their story.

Vanguard University’s Black Student Union (BSU) is a club that focuses on creating a welcoming environment for Black students and our multicultural friends. Here we build relationships, discuss issues facing the Black community, and serve our community together.

Vanguard University’s A.B.L.E. (Awareness, Boldness, Leadership, Empowerment) is a new club that exists to raise awareness and promote advocacy for disabilities. Through discussions, awareness events, prayer meetings and outreach, A.B.L.E. aims to break down stigma and negative perceptions attached to disabilities.

Without being aware of one another’s diversity, we will never truly understand one another, nor will we understand the full extent of the gospel. The Kingdom of God includes everyone, with an embracement of our differences and the beauty of our Creator that lies within them.