Diversity Programming provides opportunities for students to experience and appreciate others through a variety of resources. We host events and oversee clubs that celebrate the diversity on our campus.


Here is a snapshot of a few events that diversity hosts:

  • Open Mic Nights
  • Diversity Discussion Groups
  • Conferences
  • Community events


Clubs at Vanguard are great ways to connect with other students who have similar interests to yours. You can join an existing organization or form a new one:

Black Student Union

BSU is our newly formed club for students interested in learning about African American heritage. If you would like more information on activities, volunteer opportunities and discussions occurring this year, contact Crystal Todoroff: bsu@vanguard.edu.


A.P.I.C (Asian Pacific Island Club)

A.P.I.C. (Formerly called Sama Sama) is our club for Asian and Pacific Island students. Interested in learning more about Island cultures, or just want to connect with students from the Islands… contact Kriselle Mendoza: apic@vanguard.edu



El Puente

El Puente serves our Hispanic student population, offering students a place to connect and explore the rich cultural heritage of Latin America. If you want to connect with others to learn more about Hispanic heritage, contact Heidi Lepe: elpuente@vanguard.edu.




Mosaic is a student organization that provides opportunities for the entire student body to appreciate cultural differences. Interested in connecting with other students who enjoy discussing issues pertaining to diversity, then you’ll want to join Mosaic for their next event. Contact Brandon Currin: mosaic@vanguard.edu