Diversity Programming is hosting events for our campus all the time. Stop by the diversity office (first floor of Laguna), or follow us on  to find out more!

 Upcoming events:

October 17th – Open Mic Night at 9:30PM in NMC. Contact Shannon Price: diversityevents@vanguard.edu


October 22nd – Dinner and Dialogue at 6:30PM in the Price Room. Contact Alyson Toyama: diversitylead2@vanguard.edu


November 13th – Spoken Word at 9:30PM in NMC


November 22nd – Cafe Con Leche with El Puente Club at 8:30 PM in the Cove


November 28th & 29th – International Student Thanksgiving Fun! Contact Vanessa Williams: diversitylead1@vanguard.edu