This wacky group of four college guys performs humorous skits and relevant dramas that grab attention and share the message of God’s love and salvation. From church youth nights to high school chapels (and everything in between!), the Delivery Boys have a sincere desire to minister to youth.


Over the years, The Delivery Boys have brought together a unique blend of four college guys who are crazy with their on-platform antics, delivering many hilarious skits that stir up excitement and literally bring youth to tears, while also reserving room in their repertoire for dramas with power-packed messages of salvation and God’s love.


But that’s not what has made The Delivery Boys so unique. Since their beginning, the team’s “wackiness” and fun personalities have not been left behind when they step down from the stage. Students from youth groups have come to love them because they’re real. They take time to talk to young people. Make them laugh. Pray with them. These guys have a sincere desire to minister to youth.


At camps, these four men know that God has placed directors and leaders in charge for a reason. They realize that there is a time for fun, and a time to get serious with God. They also know that church youth camps were not intended to revolve around The Delivery Boys. They come into each camp with servant-heart attitudes, submissive to leadership and ready to do anything to make the camp go…whether it’s counseling 13 guys in a dorm room, refereeing a volleyball match, scrubbing pots & pans, or working late-night security.


The Delivery Boys now travel to local events throughout the school year. From church youth nights to high school chapels (and everything in between!) they have received rave reviews at each. But, as with camps, they serve with a desire to see young people touched by God – breaking down walls with laughter and humor, and reaching hearts with the Truth.


It’s this tradition of excellence that has kept The Delivery Boys extremely popular with camp directors, youth pastors, state and district youth directors, and especially the youth themselves. Although sometimes the team may include a “veteran”, each summer brings a fresh, new diversity and combination of excitement and ministry! Ask anyone who has seen them, and invariably they’ll tell you they’re great!