Professional Studies Transfers

If you are not interested Professional Studies (5-8 week classes for the working adult) click here for Traditional Undergraduate information (16 week classes).  If you are a current Professional Studies student and want to take a course  off campus you must fill out a Request to transfer off campus units form.

Transfer Credit Guidelines

  1. VU will accept up to 80 units of transfer work from community colleges.
  2. Letter grades of “D” or below received at another college will not receive credit at VU. A maximum of three general education requirements, however, can be considered met through transfer work in which a grade of “D” was received. Major requirements or English requirements cannot be met by a grade of “D”. In these instances of a “D” meeting a requirement, the units would not transfer into VU.
  3. Grade point averages do not transfer into VU.
  4. One half of the total units within a major must be completed at VU.
  5. Two lower division transfer courses may be used to meet upper division requirements within a major. These units do not count, however, toward the 40 upper division units required for graduation.
  6. A total of 24 units can be given for non-VU testing and correspondence courses. CLEP credit is given to coursework which meets the minimum recommended score by CLEP. Credit is given for Advanced Placement (AP) for scores of 3 or better.
  7. The English requirement of ENGL 220C cannot be met by testing.

California Community Colleges

Students at California community colleges who are considering transferring to Vanguard University should follow the transfer guide for each school.  Click Here for the list of community colleges and classes.

Transfers From non-Regionally Accredited Bible Colleges

Coursework from Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) and Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACCS) member institutions.

  • Credits will be evaluated and accepted on a case-by-case basis. The maximum number of units accepted from these institutions is 60 semester units.

Coursework from all other non-regionally accredited Colleges/schools.

Credits will be evaluated and accepted on a case-by-case basis. The maximum number or units accepted from these institutions is 30 semester units.

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)    2016      2017

Advanced Placement

Military     A maximum of 30 elective units which includes the Joint Services Transcript (JST) and DD214.

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Discipleship Training School.

DTS 701/702 counts for 9 lower division units (3 of which go to Religion Core Curriculum).
DTS 701/703 counts only for 6 units total.
Credit for any additional coursework completed through DTS must be approved by the Religion Department.

Non-Traditional & Baccalaureate Level Vocational Units

Up to 45 units between GE and Electives may not be exceeded and must be completed prior to a student matriculating.

  1. Articulation Agreements
  2. Associate Level Units (maximum of 12 units)
  3. Continuing Education Units (upon verification you may earn one semester unit for every three CEU’s to a maximum of 30)
  4. Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)  is utilized to assess prior learning portfolios .  Click Here to learn more


Click Here for the complete Transfer Policies for Bachelor’s Degrees.