Admission Requirements

Application Process

  1. Complete and submit the Online Application.
  2. Send a Request for Official Transcript form to your high school or request an official copy of your GED.
  3. Send a Request for Official Transcript form to each college or university previously attended, regardless of credit granted or academic performance. Check with the Registrar from each institution for the appropriate transcript fee. All institutions attended since high school must receive a transcript request regardless of completion of courses.
  4. One online professional reference is required.  (Nursing applicants must submit two professional references.)  Copy and paste this link into an email to your supervisor or co-worker:  In the email, please include your name, city of residence, and enrollment semester (e.g., Spring 2014).  Your supervisor or co-worker will need this information to complete the reference.
  5. One online personal reference is required.  Copy and paste this link into an email to a friend:  In the email, please include your name, city of residence, and enrollment semester (e.g., Spring 2014).  Your friend will need this information to complete the reference.
  6. Complete and submit the required critical thinking essay.  Follow the instructions for your major on this link:  Admissions Essay instructions.
  7. Apply promptly for any financial assistance needed. FAFSA, Alternative Loans, etc.
  8. After official (sealed) transcripts have been received and evaluated by Vanguard University and the above steps are completed, an admissions interview will be scheduled with a Student Services Coordinator to discuss transfer credits and degree requirements.

Admission Requirements

  • Demonstrate proof of at least 5 years of full-time work experience on the Work History portion of the application or résumé
    Request a work experience petition from your admissions counselor
  • Proof of High School graduation/GED
  • Cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (on 4.0 scale) or better on all prior college work
  • Completion of Application Process including forms, fees, essays, references, transcripts & official entrance interview

NOTE: Official (sealed) transcripts must be received from each institution attended, regardless of academic performance or granting of credit.

All applicants meeting the above-stated admission requirements will be considered by the Admission Committee. During the admission process, students will be informed of remaining requirements accompanied by a recommendation as to when and where the requirements may be completed.

The Admission Deadline for each cohort/group is two weeks prior to the orientation date.

Matriculation Requirements

Students applying for admission to the Professional Studies program must meet the Admission Requirements. Students wishing to take upper division courses must meet the 57 unit prerequisite. Exceptions for starting upper division coursework must be approved by the divisional Chair.