Pileus Quadratus


Pileus quadratus is Latin for “square cap”

Are you graduating this semester?

Grad Fest is currently underway at Vanguard, an event in which soon-to-be graduates proceed through a series of information booths to assure that (at least on paper) their graduation day will be a flawless success. Among other things, students can have their picture taken while enthusiastically waving blue and gold pom-poms, and will spell thier names phoenitically to avoid mispronunciation on the big day.  

The piece de resistance of Grad Fest is, of course, receiving the coveted ceremonial cap and gown in which one will so proudly pass across the graduation stage.

Sometimes, though, adult students decide not to walk the stage. They figure they’ve attended enough events, just send them a diploma in the mail, thank you very much. To be honest, I was in this category myself until I came down with graduation fever earlier in the year.

So today I happily navigated my way through a sea of booths handing out candy and pertinent information. I donned a goofy motorboard and shook a set of pom-poms for a silly picture; picked up five tickets for loved ones who are going to share the day with me; took a pass on the opportunity to order a class ring or yearbook; and helpfully told the registrar that my last name rhymes with “therapy”.

I have my own cap (pictured above) and gown,  and am counting down the days (thirty six!) until I wear them “for reals”. I’m doin’ this thing, and I’m doin’ it right - I hope you are, too.

Are you on the fence about attending your graduation ceremony?