My name is Jennifer Paul. I moved to Southern California from Massachusetts in 1994. I dabbled in acting and then I became a licensed optician. After several years of attempting to pursue a college degree, I thought all hope was lost. I could not take many classes that fit around my work schedule. It would have taken me ten years just to muddle through a part-time course load, and I would have had to reduce my hours at work in order to fit upper division classes into my schedule.

In 2008 my friend told me about the SPS program here at Vanguard University. I met with Mia Grajeda, and that day changed my life. I left Vanguard that afternoon with a renewed sense of hope for a wonderful future. The SPS course schedule fit in nicely with my full-time job.

The instructors here are amazing. Most of them teach here part-time, and they work during the day in top-notch firms, thus lending authentic work experience to the classroom environment. Since most of the students are working adults, the discussions are infused with passion and knowledge about today’s workforce. Many of us are so grateful to have the opportunity to earn our Bachelor’s Degree after a hiatus of work, family, or other extenuating circumstances.

I have made some incredible friends in this program, and several of the professors are fantastic mentors. They are always available to chat, even if you are no longer a student.

I sought a career change, and I was fascinated by the field of Accounting. I scheduled an appointment and met with Carol Winters, the former head of the Accounting Department here at Vanguard University. She encouraged me to pursue a Master’s Degree in Accounting since my goal is to one day become a CPA. I soon began to seek out employment in this exciting field. After some research, I reached out to Mia Grajeda, my very first contact here at Vanguard. I inquired about any openings at Vanguard, hopefully in the Accounting Department. Soon thereafter I began my wonderful career here at Vanguard University! I was recently promoted within the Office of Accounting Operations!

Shortly before my commencement, I found out I was accepted to the Master of Science Program in Accountancy at Cal State Fullerton, and I begin my studies this Fall! Vanguard University is an absolute blessing, and the School for Professional Studies enabled me to pursue my dreams. I encourage anyone with a dream of pursuing their education to inquire about this incredible program.

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