1. What are the Professional Studies programs?

The Professional Studies programs are for working adults who want to complete their Bachelor’s Degree.  Classes are held in a cohort model and students attend class only one night a week. You can complete your degree in as little as 22 months.
-Upper division classes are 5 weeks long and held on campus, while general education classes are offered both on campus and online.
-The RN to BSN classes are 7 or 8 weeks long and you can complete your upper division BSN course work in two years.
-Early Childhood Education and General Education classes are fully online and each class is 8 weeks long.

2. How often does a new cohort begin?

-Fall (August & September Starts)
-Spring (January & February Starts)
-Summer (May Start)

3. How many units do I need to begin a cohort?

You can start your upper division coursework when you have completed 57 units of general education and elective unit requirements.  For the RN to BSN program, students must hold a current RN License from California.

4. Do I need all my general education completed to begin a cohort?

No, you do not need your general education completed prior to starting your upper division coursework.  Students may start a cohort with 57 units out of the 73 units of  general education and electives required.

5. Do I have to finish my general education prior to transferring into the Professional Studies programs?

No.  Students may transfer into the Professional Studies programs with any amount of units.  An education counselor will meet with you and do a complimentary evaluation of your transcripts to see what classes you need to graduate. We offer general education and elective courses both online and in a classroom setting.

6. Can I test out of general education units?

Yes. The CLEP and DANTES exam may be taken for a maximum of 24 units. Exams taken must not be duplicates of any courses taken. Duplicate units will not be transferred in.

7. What day and time are courses offered?

Cohort courses are offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening from 6pm-10pm. General Education and elective courses are offered Thursday 6pm-10pm or Saturday 8am-12noon.
Early Childhood Education and some General Education courses are offered online.

8. How much is tuition?

$330/unit for General Education courses
$460/unit for Upper Division courses
$515/unit for Nursing Upper Division courses
$330/unit for Early Childhood Education Lower Division courses
$460/unit for Early Childhood Education Upper Division courses

9. Is Financial Aid available?

Yes. Financial Aid is offered through the FAFSA application. Please see the Financial Aid website for further information.

10. Are scholarships available for Professional Studies students?

Yes. Click here to see what is available to you.

11. Do I need 5 years work experience to be eligible for the Professional Studies programs?

Five years work experience is preferred, but not required. However, students with less than 5 years work experience will be required to write an additional essay as part of the admissions requirements. Nursing students have a preferred 1 year work experience requirement in the field of nursing.

12. When is the Priority deadline?

Spring 2015  (January) – 12.5.14
Business, Psychology, Religion, Nursing and General Education
Early Childhood Education: Associate’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree and Certificate

13. What is the minimum GPA requirement?

2.0 GPA for regular standing.
3.0 GPA is preferred for the RN to BSN program.

14. How do I get started?

Email gpsadmissions@vanguard.edu or call us at 714.668.6130 to speak to an education counselor and schedule an appointment to review program details.