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BUOM (Business: Organizational Management)

University and Business Program Core Competencies

NURS (RN to BSN Program)

Please click here for the RN to BSN Curriculum

PSYD (Psychology: Human Development)

REML (Religion: Ministry and Leadership)

  • MILD 305 Church History
  • MILD 364 Critical Thinking & Writing for Ministry
  • MILD 365 Theology of Church Mission & Ministry
  • MILD 367 Research Methods for the Study and Preaching of Scriptures
  • MILD 368 Leadership in Christian Organizations
  • MILD 369 Research Methods of the Study of Christian Organizations
  • MILD 422 Conflict Management
  • MILD 440 Pastoral Care & Counseling
  • MILD 460 Foundations of Christian Ethics
  • MILD 461 Theological Themes of the Old Testament
  • MILD 462 Management in Christian Organizations
  • MILD 463 Theological Themes of the New Testament
  • MILD 464 Ministry of Preaching and Teaching
  • MILD 466 Ministry of the Spirit in the Church
  • MILD 468 1 Corinthians Church in an Urban Setting
  • MILD 472 New Testament and Contemporary Christian Issues
  • MILD 473 Change Theory and Strategic Planning in Christian Organizations

ECED (ESAL, AA, BA, and Cert courses)

Please click here for the ECED Curriculum

GE (General Education)


  • ART 252 History and Appreciation of Art 

















WMST (Full Curriculum Available on Moodle)

    This information is provided for ease of use, however it is not the official record. See the academic catalog for official course descriptions and requirements.