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BUOM (Business: Organizational Management)

University and Business Program Core Competencies

NURS (RN to BSN Program)

Please click here for the RN to BSN Curriculum

PSYD (Psychology: Human Development)

REML (Religion: Ministry and Leadership)

  • MILD 305 Church History
  • MILD 364 Critical Thinking & Writing for Ministry
  • MILD 365 Theology of Church Mission & Ministry
  • MILD 367 Research Methods for the Study and Preaching of Scriptures
  • MILD 368 Leadership in Christian Organizations
  • MILD 369 Research Methods of the Study of Christian Organizations
  • MILD 422 Conflict Management
  • MILD 440 Pastoral Care & Counseling
  • MILD 460 Foundations of Christian Ethics
  • MILD 461 Theological Themes of the Old Testament
  • MILD 462 Management in Christian Organizations
  • MILD 463 Theological Themes of the New Testament
  • MILD 464 Ministry of Preaching and Teaching
  • MILD 466 Ministry of the Spirit in the Church
  • MILD 468 1 Corinthians Church in an Urban Setting
  • MILD 472 New Testament and Contemporary Christian Issues
  • MILD 473 Change Theory and Strategic Planning in Christian Organizations

ECE (Early Childhood Education) Lower Division Courses

  • ECED 100 Cornerstone
  • ECED 101 Child Growth & Development
  • ECED 103 Child, Family, & Community
  • ECED 106 Introduction to Curriculum for the Young Child
  • ECED 108 Principles & Practices of Teaching Young Children
  • ECED 109 Infant/Toddler
  • ECED 121 Administration of Early Education Programs I
  • ECED 123 Administration of Early Education Programs II
  • ECED 126 Teaching in a Diverse Society
  • ECED 132 Early Education Practicum
  • ECED 135 Health, Safety, & Nutrition for the Young Child 
  • ECED 137 Observation & Assessment
  • ECED 139 Adult Supervision & Mentoring
  • ECED 150 Spiritual Formation of Young Children
  • ECED 299 Capstone (A.A.)

ECE (Early Childhood Education) B.A. Courses

GE (General Education)


  • ART 252 History and Appreciation of Art 





  • EDUC 340 ONLINE Children’s Literature
  • EDUC 293 Foundations of Education
  • EDUC 293 ONLINE Foundations of Education





  • MNGT 470 Entrepreneurship 
  • MNGT 470 Managing Technology and Innovation
  • MNGT 470 Negotiation Skills and Conflict Resolution
  • MNGT 470 Negotiation Skills and Conflict Resolution Quiz 1
  • MNGT 470 Managing the Global Workplace
  • MNGT 470Small Business Management
    MNGT 470 Small Business Management QUIZ
  • MNGT 470 Contemporary Leadership
  • MNGT 470 Communication of Faith









    This information is provided for ease of use, however it is not the official record. See the academic catalog for official course descriptions and requirements.

*CORE 110 beginning Fall 15′