Bachelor’s Degree in Business
Concentration in Organizational Management


The Department of Business and Management is dedicated to equipping Business students to respond ethically, think critically, communicate effectively and perform with excellence as Christians in a changing world.

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“Students at Vanguard University find their time here a life-affirming experience. Often, lives are transformed by an enhanced spirit of confidence and competence, rewarding personal relationships, and more ambitious goals. If you seek quality and excellence, you belong at Vanguard.”
Trish Fisher, Chair of Business,  Professional Studies

Program Learning Outcomes (PLO):

PLO 1 – Communication: Students will be able to organize thoughts and compose ideas to demonstrate articulate written, oral, listening, visual, and media skills for effective presentation to varying audiences.

PLO 2 – Management and Teamwork: Students will be able to work with others in diverse and cross-functional environments and manage and lead teams to achieve stated objectives.

PLO 3 – Thinking and problem solving: Students will demonstrate excellence in critical thinking, problem-solving, analysis, and strategic planning so as to be able to link data, knowledge and insight to make sound strategic decisions on a timely basis.

PLO 4 – Ethical Reasoning and Spiritual Formation: Students will be able to engage in ethical reflection, evaluate ethical issues, and apply ethical principles and moral values in decision-making.

PLO 5 – Decision Making: Students will conduct research and apply analytical decision-making skills to identify structure and solve business problems.

PLO 6 – Business Tools and Technology: Students will exhibit technical expertise and demonstrate the use of information technology as a tactical and strategic resource for business professionals.