Writing Archive of Excellence

Sample student papers from English Core Curriculum and English major literature courses.

Amy Dallenbach, Class of 2013
ENGL 260 Survey of British Literature I
“The Blessing of Pain”

Laura Batstone, Class of 2011
ENGL 120C Persuasive Writing
ENGL 220C Researched Writing

Andrew DeZarn, Class of 2011
ENGL 260 Survey of British Literature Survey I
Does Her Face Really Shine Like the Sun?
Body & Soul: Enemies or Allies?
ENGL 311 Survey of American Literature II
The Written Blues of Hughes
The Shootout that Never Was

Natasha Fish, Class of 2012
ENGL 240C Foundations of Literary Study:
Postmodernism, Post-Colonialism, and Identity: The Namesake
ENGL 260 Survey of British Literature I:
The Significance of Change in the English Language
ENGL 455 Shakespeare:
King Lear: The Tragedy of Old Age