If you are a victim of a crime, contact Campus Public Safety immediately at ext. 6799, or dial 9-911 (the extra 9 must be added only when on campus) to reach the Costa Mesa Police Department. Campus Public Safety will help you with filing a report with the Costa Mesa Police Department. If you discover a theft or other crime DO NOT touch any part of the crime scene. Costa Mesa Police may want to conduct an investigation including but not limited to taking pictures and or dusting for fingerprints.

Students are strongly urged to report all campus crimes to Campus Public Safety. Even if you, as the victim of a crime do not want to file a report with the police, the University is required by the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act to maintain on campus crime statistics. Also, reporting the incident to Campus Public Safety will enable University personnel to initiate an on campus investigation. You may report a crime to any staff or faculty member, however, we encourage you to report crimes directly to the Campus Public Safety office, your Resident Assistant, Residence Director, Director of Residence Life or the Dean of Student Life.  For further assistance you are encouraged to contact the Counseling Center at 714-668-5256.