Here you will find an index of services and resources for current students.

Email Online
Check your Vanguard mail online.

Student Forms
A list of known online forms organized for students.

Resources Alphabetically

Academic Programs and Majors
Undergraduate, graduate, and professional study programs and majors
Area Map
Highlighting the major attractions surrounding us
News and scores from your VU athletic teams
Books, supplies, and VU souvenirs
Office of Accounting Operations
Information relating to your student’s school bill
A complete range of Vanguard calendars presented in month format
Campus Map
Use this map to navigate around our campus
Campus Safety
Security, vehicle registration, and safety measures
Career Center
Assistance finding a short term job or building your career
Your official academic guide book
Check Your Mail mail accounts
Details surrounding the upcoming graduation
Contact Us
Our department/office telephone and email list
Counseling Center
Free counseling for all students
Course Schedules
Currently published course schedules and addendums
A freeway map with directions to VU
Facility Services
Maintenance, Landscaping, and House Keeping
Faculty List
Faculty contact information, departments, and personal web pages
Financial Aid
Grants, scholarships, government assistance, and other forms of financial aid
Food Services
Menu and meal plan information
Health and Safety
Information and recommendations for your student’s well being
Information Technology
Mail, networking, computer lab, and technology support
The O. Cope Budge Library, including online journals and resources
Office of Diversity Programming and Mobilization
Get involved in ministry to your community and world
Residence Life
Housing related information including pictures of housing facilities
Spiritual Formation
Chapels and other campus spiritual events
Student Life
The hub for student relations and the office of the Dean for Student Life
Things to Do
Learn about our surrounding area and entertainment
Three day weather forecasts