Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act

Vanguard University’s Public Notification Policy

In accordance with the Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act (CSCPA), California’s Megan’s Law and in conjunction with Costa Mesa Police Department, this policy will be the guiding factor in notifying the Vanguard University community of registered sex offenders associated with Vanguard University.

All persons required to register with a local law enforcement agency as a sex offender, according to California Penal Code 290, who enroll in class, make deliveries, or work on the Vanguard University campus 30 days or more in one year, must register at the Costa Mesa Police Department (CMPD) as being associated with Vanguard University.

CMPD will evaluate the classification of the offender according to California’s Megan’s Law. If the offender fits into a category of a High-Risk Sex Offender or Serious Sex Offender, CMPD will inform the Campus Public Safety Department of the registration.

According to CSCPA and California’s Megan’s Law, Vanguard University will notify the campus community of the sex offender’s registration. This notification will include the name of the offender, and may include a photo and a summary of the offender and prior convictions. Vanguard University will make an effort to contact and inform the offender of the intent to notify the community before notification is made. Notification to the community may be made by using copies of flyers supplied by CMPD, flyers developed by the University, campus wide email, flyers in campus mailboxes, establishing a web page on Vanguard’s intranet, and/or the Vanguard University newspaper. All persons who wish to view the registered sex offender information may call CMPD at 714-754-5079 to make an appointment.

The purpose of the notification is not to cause undue hardship to a student seeking an education at Vanguard University or to create a hostile work environment. The purpose of this policy is to keep the Vanguard University community informed for their safety, and to comply with local and federal law.