Say it with video.

Sometimes it’s hard to put things into words. It really is true that a picture can tell a thousand words–but video can tell a million! Using video in your social media can be incredibly powerful, if done well. The Class of 2016 page for Vanguard University (built of incoming freshmen) is a perfect example. On this page, students have turned the camera on themselves, allowing other students on that Facebook page to get to know them and what they like, their hobbies, etc.

When students initiated that, we jumped on it in Undergrad Admissions and had the UG Admissions Counselors plop themselves in front of the camera and tell some stories of “little known facts” about VU. It was incredibly successful, got our incoming students talking and engaging–and all we needed was an iPhone to do the job! Check out all of the videos on the Class of 2016 page here, and get some ideas for your own Facebook page. Say it with video.

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