VUSC is a safe campus in a safe community. However, crime occurs in all communities and members of the university community are encouraged to remain vigilant to any suspicious activity they may observe. Here are some helpful ways to reduce your chances of becoming a victim to property crime or physical attack.

  • Do not leave personal property lying around. Always lock your property in your vehicle or room if you do not wish to take it with you. Most thefts occur when property is left unattended in an unlocked room or vehicle.
  • Mark your property with identification numbers.
  • Never leave your room unlocked, ever.
  • Never prop open doors leading into the residence facilities or quad lobbies. These doors serve two purposes: they are a fire door that prevents the spread of a fire; and they help to prevent intruders from gaining easy access. Persons found propping open these doors face severe fines and disciplinary action.
  • Walk with other students at night or call Campus Public Safety to arrange an escort.
  • Always have your key out and ready to unlock your vehicle door before you arrive at your vehicle.

In addition to the recommendations listed above, when you are at a mall or other establishment with large parking lots you should also remember the following:

  • Never get into your vehicle until you check your back seat for intruders.
  • Try not to park your vehicle next to a van.
  • Try to park under a parking lot light.
  • If you feel that there is something wrong ask for an escort by the security department. Grocery stores will send someone out to help load your food into your car and the person will wait until you are safely in your vehicle.
  • Report suspicious activity.
  • Don’t be in a hurry. It is always better to be cautious and delayed than become a crime victim.