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The Office of Marketing and Communications plays a very important role at Vanguard University. We are responsible for ensuring that all University communications are consistent with the approved University brand identity. Our goal is to effectively communicate the message of who Vanguard University is to all constituents, both on and off campus.

The perceptions of Vanguard University are based on the total package we present to each and every person we come in contact with, whether that contact is through a face-to-face conversation or a visit to our website or mass media advertising.

The Office of Marketing and Communications plays a vital role in creating, promoting and utilizing Vanguard’s brand and making sure VU stays consistent in displaying our brand to others. However, each and every member of our campus community plays a role exhibiting the voice and image of Vanguard University. It is imperative that the Vanguard University community works together to achieve this goal.

To learn more about Vanguard University’s Your Story Matters campaign, CLICK HERE.

Media Inquiries:

For all media inquiries please contact Brenda Springer at Reveille Inc.,

Amanda Irving: 714-460-3739 (cell)
Brenda Springer: 949-689-8023 (cell)


Time Frames and Planning Ahead

Production time for design projects varies depending on what is being requested. The following estimates give an idea of the time required to complete various types of projects.

The time-period estimates begin the day project text and images are received and end the day the product is delivered.

  • Large-scale print projects (view books, pieces with custom folds or cuts): 6-8 weeks
  • Posters, brochures, invitations, and flyers: 4 weeks
  • Advertisements, web/email graphics: 3 weeks
  • Reprint with corrections: 3 weeks
  • Reprint with no corrections: 2 weeks
  • Rush projects: as schedule allows

Marketing & Communications provides the following:

  • CREATIVE: creative development, project management and production of marketing and advertising materials for:
    • Admissions (Undergrad, Graduate, and Professional Studies)
    • Advancement/Development
    • Baccalaureate and Commencement
    • Financial Aid
    • Global Center for Women & Justice
    • Lyceum Theater Season
    • New Student Orientation/Welcome Week
    • Spiritual Formation, Student Life
    • University Relations (Alumni, Career Services, Churches)
    • Veterans Resource Center
      … And all other University departments and offices!
  • WEBSITE (design, development, navigation, content management):
    • Each University department and office is responsible for writing and submitting the content for that department’s/office’s web pages and for adding events to the campus community calendar. It is recommended that each department and office select at least one person to be responsible for adding, deleting and updating content on a regular basis (at least once each month).
  • WEB SUPPORT: training and support for web content management system users. Each department and office should have at least one person trained on the content management system (CMS). You can view our web help videos here, and get more information on web help here. If you have questions regarding the website content management system, please email us.

To contact the Marketing & Communcations Office directly,
email us at