General Policies

  1. Incoming letters and packages are sorted daily. On average, all incoming packages are completely processed by 3:00 pm. Letters are typically sorted into student mailboxes by 4:30 pm.
  2. Once a package is scanned into the Mail Center system, students will automatically receive an email notification to their student email account and may come in during normal operating hours to retrieve their items. Mail Center policy is to treat any item with a barcode as a package, regardless of size.
  3. Campus mailboxes are optional, with priority given to undergraduate students living on campus. New students are pre-assigned at the beginning of each semester. Late arrivals are sorted based on the availability of remaining boxes.
  4. Due to the limited number of mailboxes, students living off-campus are encouraged to receive mail at their place of residence.
  5. Classwork is sorted into mailboxes as it arrives. Work from students living off-campus is sorted into a separate file and may be retrieved upon walk-in.


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