Preparing Outgoing Mail

  1. On-campus distribution: Please include the box number of the student or the department of the staff/faculty member to whom you are delivering
  2. If possible, please seal envelopes larger than 9×12″ or thicker than 3/8″ prior to bringing them to the MCC for delivery
  3. Outgoing letters: Please write your department name on the envelope or bundle. This assists the MCC in ensuring that postage is charged correctly

Overnight Deliveries

USPS Express and Fed-Ex overnight shipments must be delivered to the MCC no later than 2:00 pm.

Bulk Mailings

The MCC is happy to assist with preparing large mailings. This includes folding, inserting, address printing, sealing, and sorting. Please give the MCC two weeks advance notice if you plan on sending out mail in bulk.