The Information Technology (IT) Department serves the Vanguard Community by providing technical expertise in the area of computer, database, and telephone support. IT impacts the future growth and progress of the institution by maintaining and upgrading current technological resources as well as introducing new technology to advance learning, instruction, and productivity.

General Information

We serve the Vanguard Community by providing technical expertise in the area of computer, database, and telephone support.

Campus Network Access

The IT Department maintains a sophisticated campus infrastructure with a fiber optic backbone. Each dorm room is equipped with data ports. For students to access the VUSC network from their dorm room, they must provide their own personal computer including a professionally installed Ethernet or Wireless card. Detailed instructions outlining how to connect personal systems to the VUSC network are available in the IT Department or online. Students who need additional assistance logging onto the network may call the IT Help Desk at campus ext. 6500 or E-mail The IT Department will gladly assist students with any login or network connectivity issues, but cannot perform work on students’ personal computers.

Email Access

Every student will receive a VUSC email address and login to the campus network. Faculty and Staff can check their email at, and Students can check their email at from any computer with internet access.

Phone System

The campus phone system is maintained by the IT Department. Students must set up an individual phone account with Resicom in order to make off-campus phone calls. For more information, please visit, specific info for Vanguard students is available here. Questions regarding student phone accounts should be directed to Resicom at Ext. 4580 or emailed to

Computer Labs

The IT Department supports and maintains several computer labs located throughout the campus. The main computer labs, located in the Library, are equipped with numerous state-of-the-art computer systems. Each computer is connected to the VUSC network and has internet and printer access. To use the computer labs, students must have obtained a user login from the IT Department.

Standards for Using the Campus Network

By logging onto our network, students agree to abide by the “Student Guidelines for Computer Usage” as outlined in the Student Life Handbook. Failure to comply with these standards may result in the loss of computer lab and campus network computing privileges. Serious cases of misuse will be investigated by the IT Department and turned over to the Vice President of Student Affairs for further action.