Finding the time.

There’s no questioning, time is valuable. YOUR time is valuable! And when you have a full plate of projects for your department or your students, thinking about blogging and updating your social media (Facebook, etc.) it seems like a small task that can slide by for another week or two. But with the power of web and social media in reaching the next generation of prospective students, keeping that online presence fresh and updated is invaluable! Mashable recently released news that Facebook has now reached 901 million monthly active users, and you know that number is only growing. It’s a growing number that reminds us all that we have an incredible online audience that is listening, waiting and watching for what our university will do next in breaking news and featured stories–we just need to find the time to update, update, update!

A few tips on finding that time to keep web and social media presence fresh:

  • Look at your website everyday: it will help you see what the average reader sees, and give you ideas on how to spice things up.
  • Carve out 30 minutes: everyday, shut the door, mute the phone and blog, read a blog, update Facebook, make a web-based impact.
  • Delegate: utilize faculty, students and even experts in a particular field to guest blog or empower you with new ideas or angles.
  • Be aware: always be on the lookout for the valuable news in your department (events, deadlines, accomplishments of students/faculty) and you’ll quickly be able to remember it later on to use as content on your blog, Facebook page, etc.
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