Financial Registration

Semester fees must be paid by the Financial Registration Deadline (see Important Dates/Deadlines). Financial Registration allows students to finalize their financial requirement to Vanguard University for each semester. Financial Registration MUST be completed by August 1 for the fall semester and January 3 for the spring semester.

 To complete Financial Registration for fall and spring, please follow these steps: 

Step One: Financial Obligation Agreement

Complete and submit the Financial Obligation Agreement, located on the Financial Information tab of MyVU portal. You need to submit this document ONLY ONCE if you are enrolled in consecutive semesters. If you do not remember signing this document, please check the Communication tab of MyVU to see if it is missing.

Step Two: Payment Arrangement

Submit payment in full or enroll in a semester payment plan for the amount reflected on your MyBill or semester registration statement by the Financial Registration Deadline (see Dates and Deadlines).  Payments can be made at the Cashier Office located in the Office of Accounting Operations if paying in full with cash or check.  Payments can also be made online using debit and/or ACH (electronic check) through the student’s Mybill account (located on the student’s MyVU portal).  Students can access their payment account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by logging into their MyBill account. The MyBill link is located on the student’s MyVU portal.


Option 1) Payment in Full

Pay the full amount referenced on the student’s MyBill or semester registration statement by the Financial Registration Deadline (see Dates and Deadlines).  You can do this by selecting “Make a Payment” on the student’s MyBill, paying with cash or check in the Cashier Office, or mailing a check to the following address:

Vanguard University
Attn: Cashier
55 Fair Drive
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

*If you are mailing a check to Vanguard, we require the student ID number to be written on the memo line.

Option 2) Semester Payment Plan

Pay the semester balance referenced on the student’s MyBill or semester registration statement interest free in 4 or 5 monthly installments (see semester payment plan options below).  There is a $40 enrollment fee each semester.  The first installment and the $40 enrollment fee are due upon enrollment.

Fall Semester:

  • 5 Month Plan – Begins July 1st
  • 4 Month Plan – Begins August 1st

Spring Semester:

  • 5 Month Plan – Begins December 1st
  • 4 Month Plan – Begins January 1st

The first payment installment and the enrollment fee are due upon enrollment. Enrollment in the wrong semester payment plan will delay the Financial Registration process.

Please Note: This semester payment plan is for undergraduate and graduate students ONLY. For information regarding SPS/ECE semester payment plans, please click here.

*Students who do not set up payment arrangements (either payment in full or payment plan) by the published Financial Registration Deadline will be charged a Late Registration Fee (new students excluded).

Step Three: Student Waivers

All Undergraduate, Graduate, and Professional Studies students must submit three online waivers: Meningitis, Code of Conduct, and Risk and Liability.  These waivers can be found on the Student Life tab of the MyVU portal.  Students who are 18 and older can submit the waivers electronically through their MyVU portal, and students who are 17 or younger need to email them directly to the Accounting Office ( with parent/guardian signatures.

Step Four: Health Insurance Waiver (optional)

All undergraduate students enrolled in seven units or more will be automatically added to Vanguard’s health insurance policy through United Healthcare.  If a student is already covered by a health insurance plan, they can submit a waiver to be removed from Vanguard’s policy.  Students MUST fill out a waiver EACH semester to have the charge reversed from their student account.  The waiver is located on the Student Life tab of MyVU portal. For more information, please visit our Health Insurance page.

MyBill Instructions and Videos

For written instructions on how to navigate your MyBill account, please click here. If you would like to watch a short clip on a specific topic, see video topics below:

How do I log in to MyBill?

How do I view/update my account information?

How do I view/update my payment information?

How do I add an authorized payer?

How do I set up a semester payment plan?


eRefunds are electronic transfers of funds directly to the bank account of your choice (checking or savings) through our secure payment website, TouchNet.  Once your VU account reflects a valid credit and all pending/estimated aid has been disbursed, the Office of Accounting Operations will automatically process an eRefund.  No request is necessary.  Please allow 5-10 business days for processing.

How do I set up my eRefund account?

Follow the instructions below in order to set up your eRefund account:

  • Log onto your MyVU portal
  • Select the MyBill link (located on the left-hand side of the page)
  • Select eRefunds
  • Select Set Up Account
  • Enter your bank account information (checking or savings)
  • Select Continue

PLEASE NOTE:  You will receive an email notification once an eRefund is processed on your account.  If no eRefund account is available at the time of the credit disbursement, a check will be sent to your primary address on file.

Authorized Users

Not a student? Authorized users can view real-time activity, view billing statements, and make payments online through MyBill. Please see student instructions below for adding an authorized user:

  • Visit your MyVU portal
  • Click the “MyBill” button (lower left corner)
  • Select “Authorized User”
  • Enter authorized user email address
  • Decide permissions and click “Continue”
  • Read agreement
  • Select “Agree and Continue”

Your authorized user will then receive two emails with their own personal login information and instructions. Authorized users can also log in by clicking the button below: