Admissions Procedures

Applicants with disabilities applying to Vanguard University follow the same admissions procedures as students without disabilities and must submit application materials as requested by the Admissions Office. The Admissions Office will make its initial decision of acceptance in accordance with established admission standards. Initial decisions regarding acceptance will be made without regard to disability.

Pre-Admission Documentation Submission

The Admissions Office and Disability Services ask that prospective students not submit documentation of disability prior to receiving initial notification from the Admissions Office regarding acceptance to Vanguard University. Documentation of disability provided before the Admissions Office has made an initial acceptance decision will be returned to the student.

Admission Appeals with Regard to Disability

Should a student with a disability not be accepted into Vanguard University, he/she may request that a reevaluation of his or her application occur with regard given to disability. Such reconsideration requests may be made by contacting the Admissions Office or Disability Services. Students requesting reconsideration of their application will be asked to submit documentation of disability. The Director of the Learning Center or Coordinator of Disability Services will make a recommendation to the Admissions Office after reviewing the case. The Admissions Office will make the final decision regarding acceptance.

High School to College Transition Planning

Students with disabilities who received services and accommodations on the basis of disability in high school, community college, or at another university are advised to obtain relevant information, including clinical evaluations, prior to enrollment at Vanguard University. High school students receiving special education services are recommended to meet with their IEP (Individualized Education Program) committee prior to their graduation to obtain a formal transition plan. Students are also advised to receive a clinical reevaluation, if needed, prior to enrolling at Vanguard.

Students in Private / Home Schools

Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 1997, students with disabilities enrolled in private schools, including parochial and home schools, are entitled to evaluative and special education services. Students and parents are encouraged to contact the principal of their local public high school if diagnostic testing or educational services are needed.