Dietary Needs

Upon receipt of documentation from a health care professional, the Coordinator of Disability Services will issue an accommodation letter for the student’s dietary needs. If the student needs a individualized menu from the cafeteria, the student will need to meet with the cafeteria manager, Terri Buzzard (, to review and finalize the arrangements.

Housing Placement Considerations

Some students with disabilities may receive special consideration regarding their housing placements. Such considerations may include placement in specific dormitories or rooms, air conditioned rooms, and private rooms when space is available. In most cases, a recommendation from Disability Services is required for students to receive these considerations on the basis of disability.

Students requesting housing accommodations (other than structural modifications) must submit documentation to Disability Services from an appropriate healthcare professional to substantiate the necessity of the accommodation in addition to the Request for Housing Accommodation Form. The request is due April 1 for fall housing registration (for returning students). New students should submit the form and documentation to their admissions counselor with their Housing Application. The request is due November 15th for spring housing registration. Requests for housing accommodations will be considered on a case by case basis. This documentation must include:

  1. The diagnosis of a medical or psychological condition.
  2. Information regarding how the medical or psychological condition impacts the student in a community living environment.
  3. Recommended accommodations (e.g., single room requests, space considerations for medical equipment, and need for air conditioning).
  4. Information regarding the clinical complications that could occur if the housing accommodations were not provided.

Medical Service Animals

Pets and other animals are restricted on the VUSC Campus; however, as established and defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), service animals shall not be excluded from Vanguard University facilities or activities (see Appendix A: Medical Service Animal Policy of the Student Disability Services Handbook).

Library Assistance

The Library staff provides various kinds of assistance to students with disabilities. Available services include removing books from shelves, electronic database, and microfiche assistance.

Off Campus Transportation

Students who use wheelchairs may require accessible transportation for off-campus University sponsored events, such as fieldtrips. Students are to contact Disability Services at least three days, preferably five days, before the event so that an accessible vehicle can be rented. University personnel are not to drive students who use wheelchairs in personal vehicles (unless immediate family).

On Campus Transportation

Students with disabilities may request a ride on campus in a wheelchair accessible cart possessed by Campus Safety. No prior approval is needed from Disability Services. The student can call the Campus Safety dispatch at extension 6799 to request a ride. It is recommended that the request be made at least an hour before the ride is needed. This transportation service is available for occasional use only.

Structural Modifications

Students with structural access needs may meet with a staff member from Facility Services and with a staff member from the Disability Services to discuss structural changes needed in dorm rooms, classrooms, etc.

Accommodation Appeals

Formal Appeals – Academic and Non-Academic Accommodations

Students who desire to formally appeal a denied accommodation may do so by contacting the Coordinator of Disability Services. Formal appeals will involve the student making a written appeal to the Coordinator of Disability Services. The student’s appeal and a response from the Coordinator of Disability Services will be sent to the Vice President for Student Affairs. The VPSA will review the appeal in a process consistent with established appeal protocol. If clinical information from the student’s Disability Services file is needed in deciding the appeal, a qualified health or mental health professional shall be consulted to clarify clinical issues.

Faculty/Staff Dispute of Recommended Accommodations

A faculty or staff member whom objects to a recommended accommodation should contact the Coordinator of Disability Services to discuss the matter. If agreement cannot be reached, Disability Services may bring the matter to the attention of the Vice President for Student Affairs and may formally advocate on the student’s behalf.