Parking Permits

Parking permits are distributed through the Campus Public Safety Office. All students (new, returning, resident and commuter students) and employees must register their vehicles with Campus Public Safety. Please complete the online registration form and follow the directions on the second page for receiving your permit after clicking the submit button.

Parking and Traffic Enforcement

Parking and traffic policies are enforced in order to provide a safe and secure environment on the VUSC campus. Violations include but are not limited to persons who park in unauthorized locations such as fire lanes, disabled parking without a valid DMV issued Disabled Parking placard, loading zones, and moving violations which place persons at risk of injury. If you would like to petition a parking citation, please fill out the Parking Citation Petition form. It will automatically be e-mailed to the Campus Public Safety Office. For further information, please read and print a copy of our Traffic and Parking Regulations.

Safety Escorts

Campus Public Safety Officers will escort students and employees to and from any on campus location. Courtesy phones to call for escorts may be found by the ATM and in the courtyard of the Scott Building, by the restrooms in the Dining Commons, and in the hall of the Music Practice Building. Just call ext. 6799 and ask for an escort. Students with cell phones should program the Campus Public Safety phone number (714-966-6799) into their phone for easy access. Safety of the students and employees is a priority of the Campus Public Safety Department.

Door Lock/Unlock Services

Campus Public Safety recommends that students lock their rooms when they are not present and carry their keys at all times. If you have been locked out of your room please contact your Resident Assistant to open your room. If you can not find your RA you may then call your Residence Director for assistance. If you are unable to contact your RD please call Campus Public Safety at ext. 6799 for an unlock. You will be asked to show your student ID to verify that you have been assigned to the room before the officer will unlock the door. Unauthorized access to other students’ rooms is strictly forbidden.

A person requesting access to a building / office must show, on request of the Campus Public Safety Officer, a valid Vanguard University Identification Card. Out of professional courtesy, Campus Public Safety Officers will not allow a professor or staff member access into the office of another Vanguard employee. Departments must supply the Campus Public Safety Department a list, After Hours Access list, of students allowed into classrooms / offices for the purpose of work or class projects. Departments should include on the list approved access for Faculty / Staff into offices of other employees. It is the responsibility of the departments to keep the approval list up-to-date. All persons granted access into buildings / rooms are responsible to deny access to unapproved persons.

Crime Reporting

Campus Public Safety maintains the crime statistics for VUSC to comply with the 1990 Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act. Each year VUSC publishes the crime statistics for the previous three years. A copy of the current publication may be obtained by visiting the Student Life Annual Security Report page. VUSC is a safe campus, however, if you are a victim of a crime we recommend filing a report with Campus Public Safety, even if you do not intend to file a report with Costa Mesa Police Department. By reporting all crimes with Campus Public Safety we will be able to work with the Student Life Department to appropriately resolve the crime.

Bicycle Registration

Students are required to register bicycles that are brought on campus. To register your bike, bring your bicycle to the Campus Public Safety Office, located in the Needham Chapel complex. An officer will help you fill out a form and provide you with a California Bicycle License. Bicycle licenses can also be obtained from the Costa Mesa Police Department: Monday-Friday 8am-3pm. Also, check out our Bike Theft Protection information.

Safety and Security Patrol

VUSC is a private university. Therefore, all persons on the property should be able to demonstrate legitimate use of our facilities. Those unable to account for their presence on campus will be escorted off campus by Campus Public Safety personnel. Students, staff, and faculty should carry their ID cards at all times, and when practical, accompany their guests on the property.

Campus Public Safety will secure all buildings after business hours and maintain a watch overnight to secure against unauthorized use or access of the buildings. Those working or studying in University offices or classrooms after normal business hours will be asked to identify themselves to ensure legitimate use of VUSC property and facilities. Rooms may be reserved by contacting the Facility Resources office (ext. 5483). The Facility Resources office provides a reservation list to Campus Public Safety each day. Persons found in non-reserved rooms will be asked to vacate.

Each Department should construct and maintain a list of student workers or students given access to offices and classrooms after business hours and submit the list to the Campus Public Safety Department. Students not on the list will be asked to leave the building by the Campus Public Safety Officer and the building secured if the student in the building / room is not on the approved list. It is the responsibility of each Department to maintain the list for accuracy.

Safety Equipment Monitoring

Campus Public Safety monitors the fire suppression equipment in the residence buildings, Science Building, and Scott Academic Building, and monitors the security lights, parking lot lights, and sidewalk lights to make sure the students have a safe and secure path of travel.

Cooperation with Local Police as Needed

Campus Public Safety works with the Costa Mesa Police Department in all criminal cases originating on VUSC property.

Lost and Found

The Lost and Found collection is now located in Campus Public Safety.