If I am locked out of my room who do I call to let me into my room?

Call your floor Resident Assistant first. If your RA is not available you may try your Residence Director or Campus Public Safety. Have your University ID card available or the ability to prove your residency for the room. Disciplinary action may be taken for trying to access another student’s room.

If I am driving a different vehicle to campus for a couple of days, what do I need to do?

If something happens to your vehicle and you are driving a different car to school for less then 30 days, you must come into Campus Public Safety and get a temporary parking permit. Please have the make, model, and license plate of the temporary car along with your driver’s license when you come in.

If I live off campus do I need to register my vehicle?

Yes. All vehicles that are driven on campus must be registered through Campus Public Safety. Violations are charged to your account.

If I am a Commuter Student, am I required to have a parking permit to park on campus?

Yes. All vehicles parking on campus must display a Vanguard University parking permit. Violations are charged to your account. The exceptions are guests visiting the campus for the day.

May I park in the fire lane? I will just be a few minutes.

No. The fire lanes are for the exclusive use of emergency vehicles and according to the California Vehicle Code (CVC) you may not stop in the fire lane. Violations will be charged to your account.

If no one is using the disabled parking space and I can’t find an open space near my building, may I park in the disabled parking space?

No. The disabled parking space is for persons with a disability who prominently display an approved disability placard. The disabled parking space includes the blue striped area next to the space with the disabled icon and or in front of the ramp.

May I wash my car on campus?

No. The Environmental Protection Agency will not allow us to wash cars on campus because the wastewater drains directly into the drainage system and does not receive any treatment before it empties into the ocean.

May I have two vehicles on campus at the same time?

No. Due to limited parking on campus the storage of vehicles is not allowed. You can only have one vehicle on campus at a time.

If I own two vehicles, do they both need to be registered?

Yes, if you drive both to campus. Any vehicle brought onto campus must be registered through Campus Public Safety and display a valid parking permit. Violations will be charged to your account.

Do I have to pay when I register for a parking permit?

No. You are not assessed a fee when you register your vehicle.

Do I have register my bike on campus?

Yes, because the City of Costa Mesa requires it to be registered in the city of Costa Mesa. It also allows the owner to be located if it is ever stolen.

Can I store my bike in my room?

No. It is a fire safety violation and it can be impounded and you will receive a $25 fee.