Be a writer, be a reader.

Since I’m a blogger myself, a lot of folks ask me what blogs I read. I love that question, honestly. I think it’s fantastic to read blogs, just as much as you read books. Blogs are always up to date with new, insightful info, and can give you a new perspective on a subject–just like a book! But if you are a blogger, it’s especially important to read other blogs. Even if you’re blogging about higher education, planned giving–whatever the subject may be–it’s definitely helpful to read blogs on all sorts of subjects.

A blog I read pretty much everyday, called Social Media Examiner, recently came up with a TOP 10 list (no thanks to David Letterman) of the Top Social Media blogs of 2012. Check it out. It’s a great list for you to add to your favorites in your web browser, and view what other bloggers are doing–even get social media tips for your department.

So now I challenge you: make a list of your TOP 3 blogs that you want to begin to visit everyday, to gather inspiration. To be a writer, you have to be a reader, and I know you can do just that!


Holly Clinard is Assistant Director of Marketing & Digital Media. Find out more about Holly and the rest of the Advancement Team here. Or contact her at

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