3 fundamental things to know about yourself & your market space

This week, I’ve had the pleasure of holding a few blog coaching sessions this week with our Advancement Team to get them up and ready for blogging season this spring! As we go through vision and strategy and how best to reach each of their target audiences – whether it be church pastors, potential donors, members of the community or local government. In going through this basic blogger training here on campus, I’ve asked each blogger to know these:

3 fundamental things to know about yourself and your market space

  1. Who YOU are: what’s your story and perspective?
  2. Who THEY are: your target audience, and why they should care.
  3. What CONTENT can you provide them to build loyalty?

Using these three identifying factors can help launch your blog and even keep you on the right track as you continue to write. Remember, it’s not about you the blogger, but about them the reader!


Holly Clinard is Assistant Director of Marketing & Digital Media. Find out more about Holly and the rest of the Advancement Team here. Or contact her at socialmedia@vanguard.edu

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