Several decades ago leadership theorist Robert K. Greenleaf described our world as “a time when holders of power are suspect and actions that stem from authority are questioned. Legitimate power has become an ethical imperative.” Not much has changed. Corporate, political and religious scandals abound. Our leaders’ ethical failures and misjudgments remind us more than ever that the world desperately needs those who lead with spiritual depth and character.

Leaders of personal integrity, authentic relationships, and fundamental purpose stand out among those will regain public trust and confidence while building hope and optimism. We believe there are such leaders who show up every day. They show up in business, community, and religious organizations. We work with them in a variety of settings, observing their depth of integrity, commitment, and hard work. We want to learn from these leaders and carry on their legacy in forming future leaders.

Our Mission

The Judkins Institute for Leadership Studies promotes leadership, which develops the spirit, character and ethics of purposeful and transformative organizations.

Our Vision

We strive to be a growing, diverse learning community of business, community and religious leaders who join together in dialogue and action in order to transform our enterprises through justice and compassion.

Our Strategic Priorities

Collaborating with a diverse network of partners, we promote the formation of leaders, conduct research, and develop resources for a variety of community and religious organizations.

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