Biblical studies support the mission of the Department of Religion with a thorough survey of biblical literature integrated with biblical history and culture. Upper division courses in specific books, or groupings of books, permit the student to sample meaningfully representative types of biblical literature; other courses emphasize various methods in exegetical study, the principles of sound interpretation, the distinctive theological emphasis of the various sectors of biblical thought, and the utilization of archaeological and literary backgrounds. In addition, students study selected issues and methods pertaining to theology, philosophy, ethics, and church history.

Biblical Studies Concentration Requirements

29 units

Choose one of the following sets (8 units):

BLAN 201 Beginning Greek I 4 units
BLAN 202 Beginning Greek II 4 units
BLAN 204 Beginning Hebrew I 4 units
BLAN 205 Beginning Hebrew II 4 units
Upper Division OT/NT/BINT Electives 6 units
CHIS Elective 3 units
Upper Division NT Elective 3 units
Upper Division OT Elective 3 units
Upper Division PHIL/THEO Elective 6 units