Religion Major with a Concentration in Intercultural Studies

Intercultural support the mission of the Department of Religion with the study of church mission in relation to intercultural ministry opportunities. In addition to selected studies in biblical literature, theology, ethics, and church history, students engage in disciplined theological reflection on ministry skills and field experiences, especially in global, ethnic, and urban ministries.

Intercultural and Urban Studies Concentration Requirements

32 units

ICST 102 Introduction to Intercultural Studies 2 units

Choose one of the following sets:

4 units

ICST 315 Globalization of Church Mission 3 units
ICST 485 Current Issues in Mission Studies 3 units
ICST 434 Models in Urban Ministry 3 units
ICST 473 Urban Leadership/Social Transformation 3 units
ICST 312 Cross-Cultural Studies 3 units
or ICST 320 Culture Change  
or ICST 464 Religion and Culture in Latin America  
or Elective    
ICST 461 Integrative Field Studies 3 units
Upper Division OT/NT/BINT Elective 3 units
CHIS Elective   3 units
Upper Division NT Elective 3 units
Upper Division OT Elective 3 units
Upper Division PHIL/THEO Electives 6 units

ANTH/INTBC 102 is required as the social science elective in the core curriculum; SOCS/MATH 265C is recommended for the core curriculum requirement in mathematics. One course in a biblical language and PLST 406 are recommended as electives.