THEO 101C • Foundations of Christian Life (3 units)
An introduction to Christian faith and life, embracing the primary theological tenets and fundamental values that empower a Christian to address contemporary cultural issues, seek integrity in personal behavior, and respond to the great commission to reach the world.

THEO 103C • Introduction to Theology (3 units)
An introductory study of the subject matter and scope of Christian theology. Examination is made of philosophical presuppositions, definition is sought for theological terms, and articulation of theological concepts is encouraged. Particular attention is given to the doctrinal tenets of the Assemblies of God. Students majoring in Religion (any concentration) must take THEO 103C to fulfill the core curriculum requirement in theology.

THEO 291, 292, 293 • Special Topic (1, 2, 3 units)
Study of a special topic in theology. May be repeated for credit.

THEO 300C • Developing a Christian World View (3 units)
This course surveys the history of philosophical worldviews and life narratives as a background for understanding the challenges involved in developing a theology and ethic accountable to the biblical witness but contextual in a given culture. Theological currents leading to postmodernity will be explored through the lens provided by the questions and encounters that emerge from both western and non-western Christian perspectives.

THEO 301 • Christian Ethics (3 units)
This course aims to investigate the moral implications of the Christian faith. Emphases will be placed on the theological nature of Christian ethical reflection, and the evaluation of specific moral issues from the vantage point of Christian faith.

THEO 311 • Christian Theology I: Prolegomena and Bibliology (3 units)
Prerequisite: THEO 103C. A study of the nature, method, sources, and divisions of systematic theology, and of authority and revelation, with particular emphasis on the doctrine of Holy Scripture. The student will be encouraged to understand the relevance of this study in the contexts of both personal and corporate world and life views. Offered in the Fall semester of odd numbered years.

THEO 321 • Christian Theology II: Theology Proper and Anthropology (3 units)
Prerequisite: THEO 103C. A study of the person of God, the angelic hosts, and man. The existence, nature and attributes of the Triune God are considered, with particular reference to the being and work of the first person of the Godhead. Included are studies in respect to creation, re-creation, and providence. Emphasis then shifts to the study of humanity: its origin, nature, and existence in both the fallen and restored states. Offered in the Spring semester of even-numbered years.

THEO 341 • Christian Theology III: Christology and Soteriology (3 units)
Prerequisite: THEO 103C. A study of the person, natures, and work of Christ, and of the application of that work in the context of human redemption. Christ’s humanity and deity are considered in the states of humiliation and exaltation; the atonement is studied in reference to the doctrines of union and communion with Christ. The course includes reflection on the believer’s vocation, regeneration, faith, justification, sanctification, and perseverance. Offered in the Fall semester of even-numbered years.

THEO 351 • Christian Theology IV: Ecclesiology and Eschatology (3 units)
Prerequisite: THEO 103C. A study of the doctrines of the church and of “last things.” The nature, life, and service of the community of faith are considered in relationship to the purposes of God as revealed for both the present time and the future. Basic to the study is the concept that the ideas of blessing and cursing, of reward and punishment, are integral parts of all of God’s dealings with humankind. Offered in the Spring semester of odd-numbered years.

THEO 361 • Christian Theology V: Pneumatology (3 units)
Prerequisite: THEO 103C. A study of the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Included in this course are comparative studies of twentieth-century Pentecostal and charismatic theologies. Particular emphasis is placed upon the teaching of the Assemblies of God on the work of the Spirit of God both in the personal and corporate contexts. Offered in the Spring semester of even-numbered years.

THEO/ENGL 389 • C.S. Lewis Seminar I (3 units)
Prerequisite: THEO 103C. A study, through reading and discussion, of selected writings of C.S. Lewis to promote the student’s insight into and appreciation for biblical truths, and to encourage personal spiritual growth.

THEO 415 • Introduction to Narrative Theology (1–3 units)
A study of the implications of storytelling and narrative as a way of engaging in the theological task.

THEO/PLST 417 • The Problem of Suffering and the Promise of Healing (3 units)
A study of suffering and its meaning in human experience. Case studies from individuals, including both texts and class members, will be used in the quest for an existential and intellectual understanding of the problem of suffering. Sources for the investigation of the mystery of suffering will include scripture, theology, philosophy and literature.

THEO/PHIL 437 • Philosophy of Religion (3 units)
Prerequisite: PHIL 201. The course employs philosophical methodology to examine the problems of the nature, limits, and validity of religious knowledge; the meaning of religious language; and the origin and nature of evil.

THEO 454 • Historical Theology I (1-3 units)
An investigation of the system of doctrine of the Christian faith taught in the church prior to the reformation, with attention to the lives of the framers of early Christian doctrine, in order to understand and assess the contributions made.

THEO 456 • Historical Theology II (1-3 units)
This course is an exploration of the development of Christian Theology and doctrine that began with the Reformation period of the sixteenth century and culminated at the close of the twentieth century. The development of theological themes during this modern period will be discussed against the background of major events in church history and will be evaluated in terms of its relevance for the current situation of the churches.

THEO/NT 462 • Selected Themes in New Testament Theology (3 units)
Prerequisite: NT 101C, OT 201C, THEO 103C, and BINT 270, and one upper division elective course in New Testament. An advanced course for the study of important theological concepts of the New Testament. The focus will be twofold: the orthodox understanding of major doctrines in the light of their first-century environment, and the development of a basic methodology that will guide the student in the practice of theological interpretation of the New Testament.

THEO/ICST/SPAN 464 • Religion and Culture in Latin America (3 units)
This course aims to investigate the dynamics of traditional and evangelical forms of religion in Latin America, including the milieu of popular culture and beliefs, the functions of the Catholic church, current movements within Catholicism, evangelical influences, and Pentecostal growth.

THEO 465 • Christianity and Society (3 units)
Prerequisite: THEO 103C. An examination of the possible theoretical relationships between Christianity and culture, assessing the Christian’s relationship to society, particularly in regard to social practices and values.

THEO 470 • Special Topics (1-3 units)
Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor. Study of a special topic in theology. May be repeated for credit.

THEO/OT 472 • Selected Themes in Old Testament Theology (3 units)
Prerequisites: NT 101C, OT 201C, THEO 103C, and one additional upper division course in Old Testament. An exploration of the meaning of, and limits for, biblical theology, together with the works of certain prominent scholars in the area; and of selected motifs found in the Old Testament.

THEO 480 • Individual Studies (1-3 units)
Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor and division chair. May be repeated for credit.

THEO/OT/NT 482 • Biblical Theology of Love, Sex, Marriage, and Family (3 units)
Prerequisite: NT 101C, OT 201C, and a basic course in theology. An explanation of the biblical attitudes assumed toward love, sex, marriage, and the family.

THEO 485 • Modern Religious Movements (1-3 units)
Prerequisite: THEO 103C. The history and doctrines of recent sects and cults on the fringe of American Christianity.

THEO/OT/NT 486 • Biblical Theology of Power, Wealth, and Prosperity (3 units)
Prerequisite: NT 101C, OT 201C, and a basic course in theology. An exploration of the biblical attitudes assumed toward power and weakness, wealth and poverty, prosperity and suffering.

THEO/ENGL 489 • C.S. Lewis Seminar II (3 units)
Prerequisite: THEO/ENGL 389 or consent of the instructor. Further study of the writings of C.S. Lewis emphasizing his articulation and defense of the Christian faith.

THEO 490 • Seminar in Theology (3 units)
Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor. Mutual investigation of one topic in theology of particular relevance to upper division religion majors. May be repeated for credit.

* This information is provided for ease of use, however it is not the official record. See the academic catalog for official course descriptions and requirements.