BLAN 101 • Introduction to Biblical Languages (3 units)
An introduction to the Greek and Hebrew languages which prepares students to do basic lexical and grammatical research in both print and digital media. Core requirement for the Religion major and prerequisite to BINT 270. Offered every semester.

BLAN 201, 202 • Beginning Greek I, II (4, 4 units)A two-semester course of instruction in the grammar of the Greek New Testament. By the end of the second semester the student should be translating portions of the Greek New Testament.

BLAN 204, 205 • Beginning Hebrew I, II (4, 4 units)
Foundation in the basics of Hebrew morphology, vocabulary, and syntax. Exercises in reading, writing, and speaking. Offered alternate years.

BLAN/NT 301, 302 • Intermediate Greek I, II (3, 3 units)
An advanced course in New Testament Greek. The student begins a translation and exegesis of the Gospel of John along with an intensive, systematic review of grammar and syntax from an advanced Greek grammar.

BLAN/OT 306, 307 • Intermediate Hebrew I, II (3, 3 units)
Review and consolidation of grammar and syntax. Extensive reading in the narrative portions of the Old Testament for style and vocabulary. Offered alternate years.

BLAN/NT 401, 402 • Advanced Greek I, II (2, 2 units)
Reading and exegesis of Greek New Testament passages, selected to acquaint the student with the distinctive styles of the various authors of the New Testament. Some reading in the Apostolic Fathers and the Septuagint is also included.

BLAN/OT 406, 407 • Advanced Hebrew I, II (2, 2 units)
Syntactical and exegetical analysis of selected portions from the Hebrew Old Testament. Offered on demand.

BLAN 480 • Individual Studies (1-3 units)
Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor and division chair. May be repeated for credit.

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