The Department of Religion is a learning community committed to the church and to the academy, dedicated to the study of Scripture, theology, mission, leadership, and spirituality for the purpose of transforming individuals, relationships and communities.

The Department of Religion at Vanguard University promotes the study of Scripture in an environment committed to academic honesty and a view of the Bible as authoritative for faith and practice.

About Us

It is the goal of the Department of Religion to equip future ministry leaders in the Pentecostal tradition to reach effectively a broad and increasingly diverse population. To this end, ministry preparation is advanced in the context of a liberal arts education filtered through the lens of a biblical worldview. We view this breadth of education and training as essential to ministry in the 21st century.

Our Religion program does not end with the Bachelor of Arts degree. The Department of Religion’s graduate program offers a Master of Arts degree in Leadership Studies, as well as a Master of Theological Studies.

In our enduring commitment to the authority of Scripture Vanguard University and the Department of Religion affirm the following:

  1. As to its source the Scripture is given by revelation from God to humanity;
  2. As to its authority the Scripture is absolute and unconditional in its claim on humankind;
  3. As to its reliability the Scripture is completely trustworthy in its declaration to humanity;
  4. As to its truthfulness the Scripture is free from error and falsehood in all its affirmations.

We thus hold Holy Scripture to be:

  1. Inspired: by this we mean that Holy Scripture is in-breathed by the Holy Spirit, and that, though written in the words of humanity in history, is nevertheless God’s witness to Himself.
  2. Authoritative: by this we mean that Holy Scripture, as the word of God, is to be believed in all it affirms and obeyed in all it requires.
  3. Infallible: by this we mean that Holy Scripture, as the standard for faith and practice, is completely trustworthy.
  4. Inerrant: by this we mean that Holy Scripture speaks the truth and is therefore free from error, falsehood and deceit in all it affirms and teaches.