Study abroad programs advance the academic goals of Vanguard University by developing and promoting a variety of international educational opportunities.

These opportunities expand students’ intellectual, professional, and personal development through formal and experiential learning in other cultural contexts. They enhance students’ cross-cultural awareness and appreciation in an increasingly complex global environment.

Vanguard University endeavors to provide out-of-country study abroad opportunities for students as they pursue their academic degree programs. Each student participant is responsible for ensuring that academic credit earned for out-of-country or off-campus programs applies to his or her degree program.

A wide variety of study abroad programs are available.
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Options include programs with the Council for Christian Colleges & University (CCCU), on-campus programs such as VESPA (semester in Europe offered through the School of Business and Management), and CINCEL (semester in Costa Rica offered through the Spanish Department), and other programs which may be offered through other universities and educational organizations. Students are responsible to clear their programs of choice with their advisors, department chairs, deans, and the Registrar before embarking on a given program.

If you are interested in signing up for a semester abroad,
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Studying abroad involves paperwork and time with multiple offices on campus. Once students have applied and been accepted to a particular study abroad program, they need to obtain a Registration Packet from the Office of the Registrar and follow the steps outlined in that packet that pertain to their particular program.


CCCU Study Abroad Program

>> CCCU Registration Packet

Study Abroad through a program outside of CCCU

>> Leave of Absence/Study Abroad Application and Request to Transfer Off Campus Units Petition