Hearts and Hands Service Award: Previous Recipients

The Hearts and Hands Service Award recognizes students who have provided exemplary service to the community, following Christ’s calling to give generously to those in need.

Distinguished Service Award-2015The 2015 Hearts and Hands Service Award goes to Caroline Head and Janell Koide!
Distinguished Service Award-2014The 2014 Hearts and Hands Service Award goes to Shaylee Anderson and Christopher Kupitz!
Distinguished Service Award-2013The 2013 Hearts and Hands Service Award goes to David Beavis, Natalie Carroll, and Jasmine Villalta!
Distinguished Service Award-2012The 2012 Hearts and Hands Service Award goes to Lauren “Ellie” Kaiser and Tyler Wayman! Ellie has been involved in student leadership at VUSC and has served on missions trips to San Diego, Los Angeles, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and Uganda. Ellie will be living in Northern Uganda for six months while serving as a lay play-therapist for children with PTSD. Ellie hopes to become a licensed MFT and provide grief and trauma counseling for adopted children. Tyler has served Vanguard as a Resident Assistant and has provided leadership to many Vanguard clubs (Volleyball, Vanguard Artist Collective, Surf Club). Tyler is currently creating an online networking platform which he hopes will one day service communities around the world.
Distinguished Service Award-2010

The 2010 Hearts and Hands Service Award goes to Richard Columbo, Jonathon DuRoss, and Abimelech Barrera!