Shirley Albertson Owens Academic Achievement Award

The faculty of the Department of Psychology select the recipient(s) of the Academic Achievement Award to honor the student or students within the department who have distinguished themselves academically. The award is named in honor of Dr. Shirley Albertson Owens, who served on the psychology faculty from 1989-2005. “Dr. SAO” modeled caring professionalism and encouraged students to pursue lifelong learning.
Psychology Academic Achievement Award 2015The Department of Psychology’s 2015 Shirley Albertson Owens Academic Achievement Award goes to Amber Kroeger, Stefan Kilchhofer, Kathleen Pearce, and Shelby Ross!
2014 Kaleigh Husband, Amanda Ives, and Moneh Magdaleno
2013 Jordan Cleary, Kathryn Kuly, and Jennifer Swift
2012 Aspyn Remington and Olivia Sprenger
2011 Rachael Hicks, Raechel Menke, and Anne Miller
2010 Vanessa Iacovelli and Cassandra Vargas
2009 Dominique Castillo, Travis Wood, Jacquline Ellis
2008 Sarah Barbuto, Rebekah Ahrens, Esther Diaz
2007 Courtney Carlson, Stephanie Rice, Margarita Velazquez
2006 Christine Schmitt and Jessica Lowe
2005 Suzanne Simons and Sheryl Thomas
2004 Kellie Kenis and Aubrey Neitzling