Research Abstract

Praslova, L., & Istochnikova, T. (2006). Cultural change in Russia, 1985-2005. Presented at the 26th International Congress of Applied Psychology, Athens, Greece.

Two studies were conducted to tap into recent cultural change trends in Russia and potential mechanisms of this change. Study 1 focused on perception of cultural change among residents of major urban centers, and Study 2 focused on change on the national level as reflected in mass media. Both studies provide some evidence of shifting cultural values. Specifically, in terms of Schwartz (1994, 1997) value model, our research indicated increase in self-enhancement (achievement, hedonism, power) and decrease in both self-transcendence (benevolence, universalism) and conservation (conformity, security, tradition) values. Possible within-culture and globalization mechanisms of this change, as well as general theoretical implications of this research are discussed.