Research Abstract

Cushman, E., Rickert, M., Saucedo, S., Scolinos, C., & Dulin, N. (April, 2006). Relationship satisfaction among college students. Poster session presented at the 13th Annual Psychology Research Fair at California State University, San Marcos, CA.

The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between college student’s relationship satisfaction and life characteristics. Participants consisted of 280 students from a private university. Participants were administered a survey that consisted of a relationship satisfaction scale, a stress scale, a self-esteem scale, demographics, and life characteristic questions. The research supported the hypotheses. It was found that relationship satisfaction was positively related to family relations (r = .144, p < .05), self esteem (r = .244, p < .01), and weight satisfaction (r = .167, p < .05). A negative correlation was found with stress (r = -.157, p < .05). Implications were discussed