Research Abstract

Praslova, L. & Barsukov, S. (2007).Coping with organizational injustice. Poster presented at the XIIIth European Congress of Work and Organizational Psychology, May 9-12, 2007, Stockholm, Sweden.

Perceived injustice in the workplace is found to be related to psychological stress, strain and such negative outcomes as depression and physical illness (Elovainio, Kivimaki & Helkama, 2001; Francis & Barling, 2006; Tepper, 2001; Wager, Fieldman & Hussey, 2003). While direct outcomes of injustice in the workplace receive an increasing research attention, coping with the workplace injustice is less well investigated. This presentation examined perceptions of the workplace injustice, coping strategies, and long-term psychological outcomes (such as psychological stress, depression and physical illness) through in-depth qualitative analysis.