Research Abstract

Johnson, J., Shenoda, M., Tatum, J., & Dulin, N. (April, 2008). Liar…Liar…Brimstone and Fire!. Poster session presented at the 14th Annual Psychology Research Fair at California State University, San Marcos, CA.

Academic dishonesty is of great concern on college campuses everywhere, particularly in Christian universities. Not only is this because it erodes the integrity of the university, but it also goes against the beliefs of Christian faith. The main interest of this study was to learn more about students’ academic integrity. The study surveyed 262 participants from a Christian university. A negative correlation was expected between academic dishonesty and strength of religious faith. Furthermore, a negative correlation was hypothesized between academic dishonesty and procrastination. The hypotheses of the study were supported, and additionally, negative correlations were found with both the agreeableness and consciousness factors of the Big 5. Intercorrelations and implications will be discussed.