Research Abstract

Praslova, L. (2006). Foucauldian discourse analysis as method of research on cultural dynamics. Presented at the XVIII International Congress of International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology, Spetses, Greece.

This presentation describes and illustrates possible applications of Foucauldian Discourse Analysis to investigating cultural psychological phenomena and cultural dynamics. In light of recent theoretical developments in the area cultural dynamics (e.g., Berry , 2004; Erez, 2004; Kagitcibasi, 2004; Praslova, 2004), new qualitative and quantitative approaches are needed to test proposed theoretical models. Foucauldian Discourse Analysis (Parker, 1992; Willig, 2001) is a versatile qualitative research method which can be modified and applied to investigation of changes in cultural symbols, meanings and values. It is social constructivist in orientation and is concerned with both psychological and social worlds. One way of possible application of Foucauldian Discourse Analysis to investigation of cultural dynamics is illustrated with an example; further methodological and theoretical implications are discussed.