Research Abstract

Albertson Owens, S. A., Boys, Ian J., & Davis, D. B. (2002, April). Student Involvement at Vanguard University to Assess Educational Effectiveness through Syllabi Analysis: Do Syllabi Reflect Plans to Satisfy Institutional Educational Targets and Goals? Poster session presented at the 78th Annual Meeting of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges Accrediting Commision for Senior Colleges and Universities, San Diego, CA.

Most accredited academic institutions are currently working to develop methods and strategies to measure educational effectiveness and student learning. In the 1995-96 academic year, the faculty and administration at Vanguard University adopted Institutional Educational Targets and Goals with the goal of defining student learning outcome objectives that would be in line with the university’s mission. The next step in the process has been to document how individual course outlines reflect those Educational Targets and Goals.

This poster documents student involvement in a survey of traditional undergraduate syllabi to gauge how well the curriculum at Vanguard is constructed to specifically accomplish Vanguard University’s Educational Targets and Goals. Also included are methods for measuring student learning by academic division. Creating strategies for using the data to improve the relationship between course content and educational outcome will be the next step in the process.