Research Abstract

Basile, W., Brumett, B., Davis, L.,Grill, S., & Dulin, N. (April, 2008). We are not only eating apples, we are typing on them too!. Poster session presented at the 14th Annual Psychology Research Fair at California State University, San Marcos, CA.

With the sudden influx in technology, how is it affecting college students? The focus of the present research study was to explore the relationship between technology use and characteristics of college students. The participants of this study were 262 students of Vanguard University of Southern California. The participants were given a survey that included 29 technology-related questions. The survey also included the Procrastination Scale (Lay 1986) and the Ten-Item Personality Inventory (Gosling, Rentfrow & Swann Jr. 2003). It was hypothesized that technology use would be positively related to procrastination and to the extraversion factor of the Big Five. These hypotheses were supported. Additional hypotheses and results will be discussed.