Sarah Barbuto (2008)

Sarah Barbuto ’08 is working for the South Pasadena Police Department as a Police Dispatcher, answering 911 phone calls, dispatching officers to locations, and dealing with the public on a regular basis.

Renee Miller (2000, MS 2002)

Renee Miller ’00, MS ’02 has a PsyD in clinical psychology. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist with her own private practice. Renee is developing an intern training site to help interns develop their counseling skills and learn how to build a private practice. She and husband David live in Orange County and have two sons, Jake, 22, and Zachary, 14. (9/7/08)

Amanda (Vigil, 1999, MS 2001) Hoggatt

Amanda (Vigil ’99, MS ’01) Hoggatt and husband Mike are in the process of adopting their first child through the County of Orange. They live in Brea. (9/7/08)

Michelle (Clavijo, 2001) Diaz

Michelle (Clavijo ’01) Diaz is the director of Lifetree Adventures, a nonprofit organization that operates global Christian volunteerism trips to incorporate vacation time into every short-term mission project. Michelle and husband Paul live in Firestone, CO, with their children Benjamin, 4, Sierra, 3, and Eva Gabriella, 1.

Jennifer (Bolger, 2001, MS 2004) Anderson

Jennifer (Bolger ’01, MS ’04) Anderson volunteers for the adoption ministry at Cherry Hills Community Church and Journey to Me. Husband Aaron is the CFO of Brandes Associates, Inc. They live in Highlands Ranch, CO, with son Joshua, 1. (9/7/08)

Deanna (Wilson, 1994) Wahlheim

Deanna (Wilson ’94) Wahlheim is a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (LAMFT) in Arizona. Deanna has established Phoenix Parent Consulting, which provides parent groups, in-home parent consulting, and parenting classes.

Susan (Bailey, 1996) Busch

Susan (Bailey ’96) Busch has been married to husband David for eight years. David is an assistant pastor at Church of the Open Door and is attending Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. Susan worked at the St. Vincent School for Boys residential treatment center for nine years before becoming a stay-at-home mom to daughters Moriah Elizabeth, 3, and Abigail Karyss-Renee, 1. The Busch family lives in Petaluma.

Kate Davis (2006)

Kate Davis ’06 is “working for Center For Discovery in La Habra Heights as a counselor. Center For Discovery is an inpatient group home for adolescent girls with multiple diagnoses. My job description includes supervision of clients, milieu management, crisis management, meal supervision, didactic education, skills group facilitation, transportation, and house care. So far it has been an awesome and challenging experience.”

Yvette Rodriguez (2007)

Yvette Rodriguez ’07 has recently been promoted to Quality Improvement Coordinator at Western Youth Services in Orange County, CA. Among Yvette’s responsibilities are managing and overseeing program and staff compliance with quality assurance guidelines.

Sherise (Tetrault, 2002) Valenty

Sherise (Tetrault ’02) Valenty is engaged to be married to Eduardo “the man of my dreams” Rojo! The wedding will take place on Valentines’s Day 2009. Sherise is living in Costa Mesa with her son Rece (age 13). Sherise’s short-term goal is to work with special ed kids in the NMUSD school district at the elementary level, and she is considering teaching while pursuing the Master’s Degree in Psychology. Eventually, Sherise hopes to become a case manager for a group home, assisting foster care kids. (1/3/08)