Julie Piskur (1992)

Julie Piskur ’92 spent two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ecuador. Since returning in 1995 Julie has finished pre-med requirements at San Francisco State University while working for Kaiser Permanente. Julie was a volunteer translator at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. Occasional work includes serving in Mexico as a translator for The Flying Doctors! Next fall Julie begins medical school at Northwestern University in Chicago.

Stacy McLain (1992)

Stacy McLain ’92 is completing her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from CSPP-LA this coming August! Stacy is currently involved in research related to trauma and is working with adolescent offenders in L.A. Stacy is also involved with Amnesty International, doing psychoeducational presentations on PTSD of political torture. Stacy recently submitted an article for publication. Stacy is also creating and implementing a child trauma assessment package for children exposed to domestic violence and child abuse!

Kim Cantrell (1996)

Kim Cantrell ’96 is working in banking as a Loan Servicer and currently lives in Anaheim Hills. Kim reports that her brother is receiving the Humanitarian Award from the U.S. Navy for saving people from a sinking Russian ship!

Holli (Busch, 1997) Gonzalez

Holli (Busch ’97) Gonzalez married Dave Gonzalez in 1994. Dave is a firefighter in Fountain Hills. Holli was working as a foster family licensing specialist but now is home with 10-month-old Caitlin! Holli is working on her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy (University of Phoenix). Holli also does advanced parent training for foster parents.

Jennifer Bridges (1997)

Jennifer Bridges photoJennifer Bridges ’97 has just been hired by the County of Orange as Deputy Probation Counselor and will begin work in March. Congratulations! Photo with Kaytlynn ’22!

Ramon Ivey (1996)

Ramon Ivey ‘96 has one more year to complete the M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy at Fuller.

Shinji Naruke (1996)

Shinji Naruke ’96 is in an MFCC program at Pacific Christian College. (1/16/98)

Cassandra Plummer (1996)

Cassandra Plummer ’96 is a Service Coordinator for Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center, where she does a lot of psychological testing.

Nalaina Duncan (1997)

Nalaina Duncan ’97 moved to Nebraska for one year and will be applying to a graduate program in sex therapy.

Christy Cagle (1997)

Christy Cagle ’97 is working as a child care counselor at Olive Crest.